Why Hire Me?

Content marketing matters to small businesses.

Content marketing is the process of freely sharing original, valuable articles and blog posts to attract, inform and engage your audience. The purpose of content marketing in a relationship-based, buyer-driven sales environment is to convert your audience into customers.

More than 80% of today’s buyers research online before making purchases. They want to find answers and solutions. With more content available, your business will continue to show up higher in search results, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

Why You Should Hire Me:

You know you should write regular content for your website, but you don’t have the time. You understand the value, but you would rather focus on your customers then spend your time writing blog posts. You know low-quality, “keyword stuffing” articles not only turn off your potential customers, they hurt your Google ranking, too. And you realize there is more to SEO than just having a website.

As a business owner, photographer and freelance writer located in the Midwest, I understand the demands of running a business. Entrepreneurs try to accomplish a million different tasks, wearing the hat of CEO, salesperson and even custodian. I also know first-hand that serving clients is the number one responsibility of a business owner, and unfortunately, that means your marketing and online presence may fall to a distant second.

My experience as a creative business owner makes me uniquely qualified to help you with your business. My attention to details means I guarantee your satisfaction with projects, including revisions, while adhering to deadlines.

I will create articles and blog posts that can improve traffic to your site, boost conversion rates and increase your bottom line. You will have fresh content that I can push out to your social media sites. I will provide copywriting for your internal (employee) or external (customer) communications. I can create content for your newsletters, as well as your marketing and promotional materials.

Email beckyapplebysparrow@gmail.com to work with me.